Seabed Classification and Characterization using Single Beam Echosounder

Halim Halim, Sri Pujiyati, Henry M. Manik


Hydroacoustic technology is more effective and useful for seabed exploration. The types of seabed such as rubble, sand, and seagrass substrate can be classified using the hydroacoustic method and known its characterization according to reflect of signal scattered by the seabed. The aim of this research is to classify and know characteristic of seabed using the hydroacoustic method according to raw data that are got using single beam echosounder in the Seribu Island Water, Jakarta. The result of this research showed that the level roughness of rubble substrate is highest (−13.16 dB) than sand (−16.29 dB) and seagrass substrate (−23.29 dB), while the level roughness of sand substrate is higher than seagarss substrate.

Aus. & NewZe J. Soci Busi. Env. Sus. Vol 5(2), October 2019, P 64-69



Hydroacoustic; Seabed; Classification; Characterization; Single Beam; Echosounder

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