Retesting of SERVQUAL Scale Items in Health-care Service in Bangladesh: A Case Study of a Private Hospital

Ghulam Shawkat Hossain, Mushtaque Ahmed, Md. Ridhwanul Haq


Bangladesh has been struggling in health-care system even after 47 years of its independence. In spite of all these problems patients are demoralized by the management and service quality of hospitals. This research is to identify the experience of Bangladeshi patients with health-care service providers. From the early 1980s, the private health sector or private hospital means medically trained providers in private-way initiated health-care business for profit was established. In the early 1990s, Government compelled to patronize the private health-care business. Patient satisfaction is the key issue or the foremost product (service) while considering service quality of a hospital. This study’s goal was to retest the service quality (SERVQUAL) scale items in a randomly selected private tertiary level hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh. SERVQUAL scale measuring five basic dimensions of any rendered service, i.e. assurance, empathy, reliability, responsiveness, and tangibles. Population for the retesting-study consisted of patients of a private hospital in Dhaka. One hundred patients were chosen randomly in a selected hospital to fill a seven-point Likert scale questionnaire. All patients were surveyed with proper consent and confidentiality. Service quality of the private hospital is not only related to the proper monitoring of private health-care facilities but also related to reduce the outflow of Bangladeshi patients to the hospitals in neighboring countries as well as to stop the drainage of millions of Bangladeshi currencies abroad. In our national health-care system, this type of study will have a great impact on our national health-care and also on our national economy.

Aus. & NewZe J. Soci Busi. Env. Sus. Vol 6(1), April 2020, P 23-34


SERVQUAL; Tertiary Health-care Service in Bangladesh or Hospital; Private Hospital; Customer Satisfaction and Private Hospital

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