Climate Change Finance in Bangladesh: A Way towards Sustainable Development

A. T. M. Jakaria Khan, Nushrat Tashmin


Bangladesh is widely known as one of the most climate-vulnerable countries in the world and climate change is currently a major focus of the government and development agencies as it poses a continuous threat toward attaining sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the country. The present climate finance scenario of Bangladesh has not yet been studied from the perspective of sustainable development. If there is no study regarding this area, the gaps to identify and meet the vulnerability of the frontline would not be recognized. To attain SDGs, Bangladesh needs to focus on the climate vulnerable people as important stakeholders, as they should build their resilience as a response to the diverse impacts of future change in climatic conditions. This specific correlation has not been mentioned in the existing literatures available to the researchers. This study mainly followed the secondary data analysis method. Some Key Informant Interviews were also done with experts from different institutions of Bangladesh. This paper examined the extent to which current policy and financial instruments in Bangladesh under broader purview of “climate finance” can ensure the future sustainable development prospects in various sectors, systems, and regions, and whether the financing procedures follow a different fiscal framework for accountability and transparency. As financing is one of the major responses of climate change, this study focused on the climate change financing issues of the country which may have positive impacts on the prospects of sustainable development of Bangladesh. Under the present conditions of the climate finance of Bangladesh, the development of a national climate fiscal framework is a high priority to ensure allocative efficiency and effective transaction of strategy to both policy and budgets. Findings of this study are expected to be of use for academia, government, and other practitioners working in the field of climate change and other relevant disciplines.

Aus. & NewZe J. Soci Busi. Env. Sus. Vol 4(1), April 2018, P 12-22


Climate Change; Climate Change Response; Climate Vulnerability; Adaptation; Resilience; Fiscal Framework; Climate Finance; Sustainable Development

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