Identification of Anthropogenic Impacts to Environmental Degradation of Heen Ela stream in Sittaragoda

KPL Nishantha Patabandi


Due to the fast development, speedy population growth Sri Lanka is facing many problems. The harmful issues caused by the growth of population are always bound with the environment. Because of the informal human activities, many environmental problems have been emerged in Sittaragoda Gramaniladari division of Elpitiya divisional secretariat. This study was done in the aim of studying the environmental degradation around the Heen Ela stream due to the harmful human conditions. For this questionnaire, transect plot analysis for measuring biodiversity and to study the effect caused to the quality of water, five samples of water were taken from Heen Ela upper catchment area and five samples from lower catchment area each used as the primary data. Magazines, books, documents, and the internet were used to collect secondary data. Chi-square test to measure statistical data analysis and Shannon Winner index for measuring biodiversity were done. Measurements such as biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), dissolved oxygen (DO), salinity, temperature, conductivity and total dissolved solids of water samples were tested. In this study, it was mainly identified that the divisional biodiversity has been changed from 1995 to 2015 due to the environmental degradation and there is a change in the quality of water in upper and lower areas. The reason is informal activities that have been done for a long time of period. Further, the changes of quality of water in lower area where human residences are spread were identified. Shannon Winner index was identified as 3.39 for flora species and 2.02 for animal species. BOD and DO measurement of upper and lower catchment areas were recognized as 7.2 and 12.8 mg/L, respectively.

Aus. & NewZe J. Soci Busi. Env. Sus. Vol 3(2), October 2017, P 81-90


Environmental Degradation; Water Quality; Shannon Winner Index; Stream; Biodiversity

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