Investigation of Success Factors for Rural Infrastructure Development Projects in Vietnam

Xuan Hung Pham


Rural infrastructure development (RID) projects receive high priority in the Vietnam development strategy. However, investigation of the factors influencing the success of RID projects has long been overlooked. This research aims to identify those factors that influence the success of RID projects in Vietnam and to determine how these success factors contribute to the achievement of RID project success. Based on reviewing the current literature and case study findings, 15 success criteria and 26 success factors are identified for survey instrument development. A questionnaire survey is conducted with various groups of RID project stakeholders namely project team members; consultants; and local beneficiaries. A total of 302 returned questionnaires are usable for data analysis. Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) has been used to develop constructs for the project‟s success factors and success criteria. The EFA results identified five success factors and, three success criteria. Multivariate regression is then used to investigate the influence of the project success factors on identified success criteria. Results showed that all five success factors had a positive relationship with one or more of the success criteria. Understanding these success factors could allow project stakeholders to take precautionary steps to identify foreseeable problems. It also helps project managers to prioritize their attention on scarce resources to ensure the success of RID projects.

Aus. & NewZe J. Soci Busi. Env. Sus. Vol 2(1), April 2016, P 78-100


RID Project; Success Factors; Success Criteria; Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA); Vietnam

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